The joys of Lake Biwa in all four seasons, the beauty of the sunset…
Welcome to Yanmar Sunset Marina, an extraordinary place where you can refresh your mind and body while enjoying the ever-changing scenery, and immerse yourself in nature. Blissful moments await amid beautiful surroundings. Savor the scenery of Biwako Ohashi Bridge in harmony with vistas of Mount Hiei and the Hira Mountains while cruising around the lake by boat. Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and savor the charms of Lake Biwa to the fullest.

Boat yard

Total site area 37,000㎡
Capacity 360 vessels (including jet skis) *Some vessels may be docked on the lake
Lifting facilities 2 rail ramps (10t/5t) / 1 table lift × 1 (10t) / 10t down-fork lift
Fueling facilities 3 offshore fueling points (high-octane / diesel) / 2 onshore fueling points (high octane / regular gasoline / diesel)
Surveillance tower
Shower rooms
Meeting rooms (classrooms)

Boat rental

We’re recruiting boat rental members!

Weekday discount 20% off for regular members, 50% off for weekday members.
Discounted tickets 30,000 yen (10% off), 50,000 yen (20% off), 70,000 yen (30% off). *Only regular and group members can use these tickets for boat and equipment rental.
Point card system Users earn 1 point for each rental, and 5 points earns a 5,000 yen voucher towards future rental fees.

Safety Seminars

First-time users are required to attend a safety seminar, which lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs 2,200 yen. The seminar covers basic boat handling and safety precautions.

Membership Requirements

To become a member, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a 2nd-Class Small Vessel Operator License and a Special Small Vessel Operator License.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Joining Fee Annual Fee
Individual Member 110,000 yen 55,000 yen
Group Member(per person) 55,000 yen 33,000 yen
Weekday Member 55,000 yen 33,000 yen

*Group membership requires a minimum of three applicants.
*Weekday members cannot use the facilities on weekends and holidays.
*All fees, including membership fees and annual fees, include tax.


¥19,800(3H)/ ¥24,200(6H)


¥16,500(3H)/ ¥22,000(6H)


¥16,500(3H)/ ¥22,000(6H)


¥19,800(3H)/ ¥24,200(6H)


¥19,800(3H)/ ¥24,200(6H)


¥19,800(3H)/ ¥24,200(6H)


¥19,800(3H)/ ¥24,200(6H)


¥11,000(3H)/ ¥16,500(6H)

*Rented boats can be used from 9:00 to 16:00.
*For late returns, there is an additional charge of 5,500 yen per 30 minutes on both weekdays or weekends.
*There is a separate charge for fuel.
*Before using boats, please carefully read the Marine Sports Club rules, terms of use, and handling instructions inside boats.
*All fees include the rental fee for necessary safety equipment.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep boats in fine condition.
At Yanmar Sunset Marina, we carry out maintenance to ensure your boat stays in the best possible condition.
Our reliable and experienced maintenance staff are here to support our customers, ensuring that you have safe and comfortable boating experiences.

Engine Inspection

For a comfortable boating experience, regular engine inspections are necessary. We can perform regular engine checks to keep your boat running in top condition. Feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Replacement of Disposable Items and Materials

We can change oil and replace filters, belts, batteries, and more. Our staff is available to discuss any maintenance needs you may have. Contact us for a detailed estimate.

Repairs and Parts Replacement

We can assist with various repairs, such as failure to start, engine malfunctions, and electrical problems.

Boat Cleaning, Buffing, Waxing, Coating, and More

Want to keep your boat in the best condition? Are there stains on the hull, discolorations and so forth? We offer services such as regular cleaning, buffing, waxing, and coating.

Hull and FRP Repairs

Could your FRP be cracked or otherwise damaged? Leaving it unrepaired may lead to water seepage issues. We provide estimates for repair work.


Painting is an effective way to keep the bottom of your boat in pristine condition. We offer painting after hull repairs and can repair scratches as well.

Boat License

Get your start with boating at Yanmar Boat License School.
We offer attentive instruction, extensive support, flexible scheduling tailored to each individual,
and all the knowledge necessary for boating. Leave it all to us, including post-license support.
Our experienced staff is here for all your boating needs.

Procedure to Obtain License

This course involves taking a national examination to obtain a license.
Please choose the license type that fits your goals, whether it’s fishing on a motorboat or taking a sailboat into open waters. We offer a range of courses corresponding to the type of license you wish to obtain.

Application and Course Fee

To apply or inquire, please contact us by phone or through the Contact Us page on the Marina website.

License Course Schedule

Renewal and Reissuance Training

At Yanmar Boat License School, we accept applications for renewal and reissuance of boat licenses. We can also handle the reissuance of expired old 1st-class to old 5th -lass small vessel operator licenses. To apply, please contact us by phone or through the Contact Us page on the Marina website.

Renewal and Reissuance Training Schedule