We[a] offer a superlative waterfront experience and opportunities to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Japan’s greatest lake, Lake Biwa. Our members, including Marina and Yacht Club members, can choose the delightful, premium-quality experience that suits their mood that day.


The joys of Lake Biwa in all four seasons, the beauty of the sunset…
Welcome to Yanmar Sunset Marina, an extraordinary place where you can refresh your mind and body while enjoying the ever-changing scenery, and immerse yourself in nature. Blissful moments await amid beautiful surroundings. Savor the scenery of Biwako Ohashi Bridge in harmony with vistas of Mount Hiei and the Hira Mountains while cruising around the lake by boat. Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and savor the charms of Lake Biwa to the fullest.

Club house

For members of Yanmar Sunset Marina, we have prepared a range of facilities to deliver a more unforgettable time than ever before. In addition to an exclusive lounge where Marina and Yacht Club members can enjoy socializing, we have introduced new features such as a restaurant, bar, and a hotel where you can enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones.



Our members-only hotel on the shores of Lake Biwa is intimate, with just seven luxurious guest rooms. Each room has a terrace with a hammock, and you can savor ever-changing views of Lake Biwa as time passes, not only from your room but also from various spaces such as the restaurant, bar, pool, and sauna. Indulge in a superior stay that will be a cherished memory.



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